94% of US own a mobile phone

62% of smartphone owners use apps

Percentage of time spent with medium: 12%

3 out of 5 own a smartphone

Average user has 26 apps

Typical user checks phone 150 times per day

Compass and AirKast announce exclusive partnership!

AirKast FACTS:

Dominant Mobile Distributor of Premium Multimedia Content

Over 1,000 radio stations use AirKast

AirKast Technology works on All Platforms

20 Million + App Starts per month


Engage your audience
Stream your station
Customize your app
AirKast AirBridge turns your content seamlessly into an app
Advertiser Pre-roll Video, Display, Sponsorship


Mobile Audience Exploding
Stream your station and engage your audience
Low Cost (barter and/or cash options)
Audience Tracking
Revenue Upside
Proven Platform

Select list of radio stations & content providers choosing AirKast:

West Palm – WRMF | DC – WKYS | Omaho – KEZO | Seattle – KNDD | Las Vegas – KOMP | North Carolina – WQDR (Raleigh) | Madison, WI – WWQM | San Diego – KFMB | Kansas City – KMXV

and many more…