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InStore Audio Network & Compass Media Marketing is the perfect partnership.
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Over 173 million people 18+ every week across our network of 32,000+ stores!
Unmatched ability to deliver: Strong female demos | Massive national reach | Messaging to a captive audience | Reach to point-of-purchase listeners.
We deliver music and audio advertising via the sound system throughout the entire store to over 32,000 grocery, drug and mass merchandise stores.
The Reach:
  • Reach consumers from aisles away ... not miles away.
  • 70% of brand decisions are made in the store.
  • 69% of shoppers don't use a shopping list.
  • 53% of shoppers make unplanned grocery purchases.
  • 42% of shoppers do not visit most or all aisles in the store.
  • Consumers visit the supermarket an average of 2.96 times per week (About1.5 major trips and 1.5 "fill-in" trips).
  • Shoppers spend an average of 54 minutes on a regular shopping trip in a grocery store (21 minutes on a "fill-in" trip. Drug store visits are 18 minutes on average. Mass Merch visits are 35 minutes on average.)
Sources: Progressive Grocer / POPAI / Guideline Research / Simmons Market Research / Arbitron Retail Media Study / Edison Research
Why InStore Works:
  • A standard buy on InStore Audio Network in Grocery and Mass Merchandise is a :30 message that airs once per hour for every hour that the store is open.
  • To maximize your reach, messages in Drug stores air two times per hour.
  • The usual minimum buy is four weeks, but schedules can be customized to just one week or even by the day.
  • 70% of shoppers who recall hearing retail audio advertisements find the commercials and announcements to be very or somewhat helpful to their shopping experience.
  • InStore Audio Network provides reach in all 210 DMA's with full national coverage.
How InStore Audio Network Works:
  • Full network of stores
  • One class of trade (ie. just grocery or just drug) -- you can regionalize the buy by market You can even buy down to the store level.
  • Messages can be rotated or changed during a buy.
  • Delivered by Satellite or Broadband
  • No Store Manager Intervention
  • No Tapes means extremely high compliance digital, CD quality audio. Digital delivery allows for extreme flexibility, customization and short lead times.
Programming Content with InStore Audio:
  • Consists of high quality music & highly produced messages
  • Messages air every eight-ten minutes
  • The remainder of the programming is music
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