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Format: Rock / Alternative
Broadcast: Weekend
Length of Show: 2 hours


Here are some facts about me, Stryker, as only "Out Of Order" can deliver them:

20 - How many years I've been doing radio. You'd think I'd better after all this time.

11 - TV shows I've been on. The Ellen Degeneres Show provided me with the most free food and screaming Mom's.

14 - Number of years I've been on KROQ in my hometown of Los Angeles.

8 - How many bites it takes me to eat a double-double from In N' Out (animal style).

12 - How many times I've been to Coachella. I love a good music festival.

6.5 - That's how many years it took me to graduate from the University of Arizona.

17 - How many times I've interviewed Linkin Park. Other favorite interviews from the last year include Daft Punk, Muse, and 30 Seconds To Mars.

3 - The number of pitches I saw in my first (and only) minor league baseball at bat.

7 - Minute Abs. Step into my office - you're fired!

19 - Tubes of lip balm I just bought online. Seriously, my favorite brand went out of business and I had to stock up. I'm like Elaine with her sponges!

10 - Number of digits in my phone number if you want to text me!

16 - Sixteen Candles, one of the best movies from the 80s. I also love Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Breakfast Club, Caddyshack, Sharknado, Heaven Can Wait, and Old School.

2 - As in two words, Emotional Beefcakes. That's the band I started with Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard (they also play in some other band called Muse).

13 - Unlucky... Moving on...

5 - Movies I've been in, including Grandma's Boy, Sushi Girl, and The Sweetest Thing.

9 - The number I always bet on at the roulette table. Trust me, it'll hit.

4 - My birthday is June 4. I expect you to buy me a present.

18 - Number of times a hot girl has given me a fake number.

15 - Pairs of shoes in my closet. It sounds like a lot, but I love a good sneaker!

115,426 - Number of followers I have on Twitter - @TedStryker

1 - Show I'm more excited to do than any other - "Out Of Order"!

"Out Of Order" - great interviews, awesome music, me yapping on the mic... it's going to be a lot of fun. That's all I've got for now - I'll talk to you on the airwaves!

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