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Format: Classic Rock
Broadcast: Weekend
Length of Show: 1 hour
JOE JOHNSON'S BEATLE BRUNCH is a weekly, one hour radio program celebrating the greatest group in rock history, The Beatles, and one of the longest running nationally syndicated Beatles Radio programs on the air since 1992. It's like a trip back to yesterday without leaving today. Every month we attract listeners who are treated to stories and original interviews of the Fab Four. Well-respected, esteemed host, Joe Johnson, expertly weaves The Complete Beatles songbook including studio cuts, live tracks, solo years and rare versions into the show. Joe rounds up some of the hard-to-find interviews from the days of Beatlemania, together with the latest Beatles news and current interviews with Paul and Ringo. The show is constantly growing due to a new generation of Beatles fans. Young and old alike plan their weekends around The Brunch, finding their Beatles treasure at a special time and place where they can enjoy The Beatles of yesterday, and today's music from Paul and Ringo, with the solo hits from John and George. To top it off the audience makes a connection with the Hottest Beatle site on the Internet known as...

When The Brunch is over Beatlemania continues through this website that engages 40,000 unique visitors every week; many play the popular Radio Mind Games Contest to win prizes; promotions of major events that attract thousands of fans such as Beatles Festivals, Beatles Tribute Cruises and concerts by McCartney plus Ringo's All Starr Band. The site showcases up-to-date Beatles News, Features, Articles, CD's, DVD's and book releases. distributes a monthly Newsletter to a data base of 15,000 opted in fans. A popular on-line Chat Room buzzes with special guest friends of The Beatles creating lots of excitement and audience interaction. Recent guests have included first Beatles' drummer, Pete Best; Louise Harrison (George's sister); Ringo's former producer Mark Hudson; Lennon's girlfriend and confidant, May Pang; Nancy Lee Andrews, Ringo's former fiancee; boyhood friend and Apple executive, Tony Bramwell; Grammy Award winner Laurence Juber who played in Wings; Brian Ray who plays guitar in Paul's band today; and Mr. Dreamweaver, Gary Wright.
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